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3 pre-wired door or window sensors
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*with $99.00 Customer Installation Charge and purchase of alarm monitoring services. Termination Fee applies. For new customer only. See offer details below.

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Senior Citizens Save On ADT Home Security Systems In [[city]]? Yes. ADT Voted #1 In The US!

{Upgrading to|Upgrade to} ADT Pulse to monitor, arm and disarm your system with the swipe of a finger.

ADT Money-Back Guarantee

{If you decide|Should you decide} that ADT’s home security system, one of the Best Wireless Video Alarm Systems available, is not for you, ADT will refund your installation price and all monitoring fees you paid within the first six months. Certain restrictions may apply.

Homeowner Savings

By installing an ADT-Monitored Home Security System, {savings can be made with|you may save on} your homeowner’s insurance. So add in the $700 in bonuses, saving you even more. This is unmatched by any other home security companies in the USA.

24-Hour Monitoring

ADT’s monitoring centers provide {protection with the latest technological equipment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year} {{around the clock|24 hours a day, 365 days a year } protection with the latest technological equipment}. Nothing beats the peace of mind, knowing that someone is watching out for you.

{We’re|We are|ADT is|ADT’s} {committed to|dedicated to} your {satisfaction|peace of mind|home’s safety|home security|safety at home}, and for a limited time only, providing you with a *Free ADT Monitored Home Security system for [[city]], [[fullstate]] home.

ADT Home Security Systems For Senior Citizens

It is no {common|typical} {error|mistake} to {believe|think} that the {elderly|seniors among us} {require|need} close {monitoring|tracking} for {health and safety|health and wellness} {issues|problems|concerns}. As we age, the {responsibilities|obligations|duties} of {personal|individual} {safety|security} and health are growing {concerns|issues}. So ADT in [[city]] {understand|comprehend} this {fact|truth|reality} {very well|extremely well|effectively}, and {offer|provide} some {great|fantastic|terrific|excellent} {savings|cost savings} for senior citizens{considering|thinking about} a home security system. {Having|Enabling} a remote monitored home alarm can be {very|extremely|really} {comforting|reassuring|soothing} for other {family members|relatives|members of the family} and {considering|thinking about} the {cost|expense} savings {right now|today} that ADT are {offering|providing} on a monitored {wireless|back to base} {alarm system|alarm}, that can have {camera|video camera|cam|electronic camera} {monitoring|tracking} from your {mobile device|mobile phone}, this makes {perfect|ideal|best} sense for acting now.

home security for seniors

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

{America’s leading security company, ADT, LLC.| ADT, LLC. – America’s leading Security Company,} was founded over {one hundred years|a century|140 years|one hundred and forty years} ago. {ADT have been the {#1|premium|most outstanding|number one} protector of American families, homes and businesses for years.|For years, ADT has been the number one trusted {provider of|source of|company for} protection for millions of families, homes and businesses.} {When you sign up for|By signing up for|When signing up for} ADT monitoring wireless video alarm systems, you are {comforted by the fact|ensuring} that {installation experts|trained {experts|professionals}} with {state of the art|the most sophisticated|high tech|hi-tech} and {ground breaking|forward thinking|innovative} security devices are monitoring your home at all times, {24/7365|24 hours a day, 7 days a week}. ADT monitored security systems allow {your loved ones|you and your family|your family members} to {gain|take} advantage of {high tech|hi-tech|technological} {progress|advances} like home security camera systems and other {hi-tech|high-tech} home security {products and services|products}. Many of ADT’s monitoring services {are only available from ADT and nowhere else, not even our competitors|aren’t even available from competitors|are available exclusively}. {However don’t let this scare you, you will be provided with a full alarm specifications manual, if you have any questions once your system is installed|But, fear not, you will receive an alarm manual to look over if you have questions after your system is installed}. This makes them the first choice when trying to decide who is the best home alarm systems in [[city]] [[fullstate]].

ADT Monitored Wireless Home Security

ADT monitoring {programs|packages|plans} {begin|starting|start} as low as $36.99 per month. {Once you have signed up|After signing up} for an ADT monitored security system, a Protect Your Home installation {professional|expert|technician} will {arrive at your place|arrive at your home|come to your home|arrive at your residence|come out} and {have your home security system installed|install the home security system}, {which includes|including} wireless sensors if {this option was taken up|purchased|arranged for}, at your home. This {normally costs $850|is valued at $850}, but with Protect Your Home you can have it installed for under $100*.

Crime Statistics for [[city]] [[state]]

When {your consider|taking into account|considering} the benefits of a wireless, fully remote controlled home security system from ADT, it is {important|vital|crucial} to be aware of the {actual|surrounding} crime statistics in your neighbourhood in {city-crime}, [[fullstate]]. The following {crime statistics|details} have been {provided by|sourced from} the FBI website, as collated from the most recent Crime in the United States by Metropolitan Statistical Area, 2013 figures on crime rates.

[gmaps cs=”[[city]][[fullstate]]”]

The population of [[city]], currently stands at such a level1 and as such, the high {incidence|prevalence} of burglaries is very high2 per 100,000 people. The {prevalence|incidence} of property theft stands at high levels3 in every 100k. When the rate of motor vehicle theft – is lessening4, and personal violation crimes – increasing5 in every 100,000 people are {considered|noted|examined}, it {is well worthwhile|makes prefect sense} to be considering a home security system to {make your home safer for your family|help make your home a safe environment}.

ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse {allows|provides you|facilitates|gives you} the ability to {remotely| }{enable and disable|arm and disarm} your system, as well as {keep your home monitored for|monitor your home for} burglary, theft, carbon monoxide, fire, flood or smoke, from almost anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or computer. And you can set up your system to send you text and email notifications and alerts. The future of home security monitoring is here from USA’s best home alarm company ADT. Learn More.

ADT Monitored Wireless Security System Installation Locations

Because we have over 150 home alarm system company service centers {around the country|across the nation}, most locations can have an ADT monitored security system installed the next day. {As soon as|Once} your home is equipped with the security system, it {become network enabled to|is connected to a network of} ADT Customer Monitoring Centers nationwide, {provideing|enabling|delivering} {true round the clock security|non-stop security} 365 days a year. This {allows you to|means you can} instantly begin taking advantage of the centers’ staff of knowledgeable professionals utilizing {state of the art|cutting-edge} equipment. The moment an alarm signal is received from your home, a notice is delivered to you and local authorities by an ADT professional.

Customer Reviews

Take a look for yourself at what people think about ADT monitoring by reading the home security reviews on the testimonials page of our website.

“Security tech was very personable and professional. Knew what he was doing and knew how to best equip us to live in a safely protected house.” – Rachel, Midlothian, TX

“Your installer was excellent. He even went above the call of duty by training my kids and other kids in the neighborhood on fire safety.” – Jennifer

“Customer service was great and informative; the technician was informative; and polite, gave me all the information I needed for my alarm system.” – Danial, Colorado Springs, CO

“Your employee installed an alarm system in my home, and he was refreshingly courteous, professional, and informative. I have had a lot of work done in my home and he definitely stands out above the rest. I could not have been more satisfied with his work ethics, performance, and attitude.” – Nancy